Artwork Guidelines


These guidelines are to help both us and you in making your job go smoother, and to make you aware of some of the potential problems with the creation and supply of artwork. There are, of course, many details we cannot fully cover, and if you need any clarification, please ask us. It is always wise to consult with us before spending time setting a job up. While some of the tips are essential, some are also there to advise you on how better to work.

File formats (Please supply hi-res PDFs)

We can also work with any of the following:

  • Quark XPress® (Latest version always available)
  • Adobe® InDesign (Latest version always available)
  • Adobe® Illustrator (Latest version always available)
  • Adobe® Pagemaker (version 6)

If you wish to use an application not listed here then please contact us and we will advise you on the best way to supply the job.


Our standard page bleed to allow for variations in folding and trimming is 3mm all round. Trim marks should be included but must not intrude in to the bleed area. Please ensure that all elements of the page appear entirely within the trimmed page size.


Please supply all fonts that you use when supplying a job, even if they seem like standard fonts that everyone would have:

Fonts are not necessary when supplying a job as an image (e.g. TIFF) or if you supply a PDF with fonts embedded. Also, vector graphics software such as Illustrator, Freehand and Corel Draw allow you to convert text to outlines/curves, if you convert all fonts into outlines/curves then the requirement to supply fonts is not necessary, although this does increase the file sizes significantly and will limit the amount of editing we can do on your behalf as last minute alterations. If you are going to use the file as a download in a web application as well as in print we do not recommed converting text into paths as file sizes can become impractical and unusable on a website.

Digital Proofs

All proofs are supplied as low resolution PDFs. Should you require a printed proof this is no problem, just ask.